Ministry Team’s Testimonies


  1. Carrie McKoy

    After having been born again in college, after having been raised Lutheran, and submitting (to a degree) to the Holy Spirit, I married and tried to do my best to live a “good” Christian life. In our 11 years living in Florida, we saw the whole range of “charismania” – from raising hands only to shoulder level in worship, to singing in the Spirit and dancing during church, to seeing people laugh uncontrollably and growl like lions. Through their visits with our church we also witnessed first-hand the prophetically-focused ministries of John Paul Jackson, Mike Bickle and Paul Cain. But their teachings and actions weren’t always clear, and each time they left I felt like a low-level Christian for not being as prophetic as they were. By the time we moved to Colorado, we’d had enough of the craziness and decided to lay low, remaining closet charismatics in a denominational church.

    Years later God wrangled us into Jackie’s class. At first we listened with arms crossed, not wanting to fall into error. But eventually we opened up to the fact that prophetic ministry doesn’t have to be showy and weird. It still took a while for me personally to believe that I could actually hear what God had to say to another person. But once I got past the fear, I joined the team and over time it’s become more and more natural. What Jackie teaches dovetailed perfectly with the whole message of grace that I began to receive about a decade ago, and the combination of her lessons and other teachings on grace eventually freed me from the condemnation I’d walked in all the previous years I’d been a Christian, and freed me to hear God more clearly. In fact, I now expect to hear God throughout the day – at the grocery store, in conversations with others, and always while reading the Bible.

  2. Deb Hanson

    When I attended my first session of the “Led By The Spirit” Foundations class. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that God had told me to attend and I wanted whatever He had for me. I knew that I could hear God but I thought He only spoke to my spirit when He had something really important to say., I did not know, as I do now, that I can talk to the Holy Spirit anytime, anywhere, about anything and He will talk with me. It is a constant spiritual conversation. I am not hanging out there by myself anymore. ANOTHER LIVES IN ME! and is guiding me in all things. I am so grateful! He has also blessed me with seeing pictures and images in the spirit. I consider being on the LBD team a great honor and responsibility. I want to honor God and those He brings for ministry. All of Him and none of me. I am truly in awe that He has chosen to use me in this way and I do not take it for granted.

  3. Jay Velinder

    After going through a divorce and losing a job, I found Jesus and the blessing of salvation. Through another miracle, I was prophetically touched by Ezekiel 36:26, a new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you. For the first time in my life I was asking who is the Holy Spirit? The Lord heard me and took me on a deeper adventure to connect with Him on a personal level through Holy Spirit so that I could live this life abundantly. This adventure was nurtured by the “Led by the Spirit” class which gave me amazing revelation into the heart and Spirit. Now Holy Spirit is leading me to live my life the way the Lord intended through His plan not mine.

  4. I am blessed to have been born to Christian parents. I’ve been in church since I was two weeks old. If the doors to the church were open, my family was there. My church gave me a good foundation, but it did not teach me about the Holy Spirit, that God still speaks, and that I can hear Him. I took the Led by The Spirit class when I was 37 years of age. I didn’t know what I was walking into. It was one of the many times the Spirit was leading and I didn’t know it. The teaching rocked my world and changed my life forever. Everything Jackie taught was a revelation to me. I had no identifiable experience with being led by the Spirit beyond “feeling” like I should call someone. The Lord also knew that the following year would be an incredibly painful time in my life. Jackie’s not joking when she teaches that the hardest place to live out being led by the Spirit is at home. I can’t imagine going through that time without knowing that God was really with me, that He was speaking to me and loving on me every day. This has been one of the greatest aspects of LBS to me. As I began to minister to people prophetically I saw that God truly knows each of us intimately, that His love for each one is profound, and that He actually does know the number of hairs on each head! Experiencing His love for other people helped me to believe that He loves me that much.

    I took the first half of the class again 11 years later. This time, as Jackie taught, I would think, “Yep, I’ve experienced that. Yes, I know that’s true. Isn’t this stuff obvious to people?” It makes me smile to think how much God has taught me in those years. I started out in a panic, wondering if I could hear one word from God. Now I have confidence and experience to show that prophetic ministry has NOTHING to do with me, everything to do with the Spirit, and that He loves people way too much to be silent. He is constantly speaking, like radio waves in the air. I just have to tune in.

  5. Lori Velinder

    As a little girl at age six, I asked Jesus into my heart. Although the church my family attended didn’t believe the Holy Spirit was for today, I knew that there was more than reading the Bible and praying religiously. I felt a burning desire for more. It was my freshman year of college in British Columbia, where I awoke to Jesus sitting on my bed, lovingly staring at me. I was never the same and knew I deeply loved my Beloved Savior and wanted to know Him more. Thus the adventure started. I sought out Spirit filled believers for several years, seeing they were different than the believers I knew. The Holy Spirit baptized me while driving my little kids to the park! I was pleasantly surprised! Everything became clear, I began hearing His voice, understanding Scripture and living in a level of peace I didn’t think was possible.

    The Led by the Spirit School ministry is a dream come true for me! Being associated with fellow believers loving God deeply and seeking Him out is absolutely wonderful. Being with other prophetic ministers who want to hear His voice and share with others, the encouraging words He whispers, is one of the biggest presents God has given my life.

  6. I was raised Catholic, 12 years of parochial school, altar boy, confirmed, etc. But at age 18, I decided religion was no longer relevant to my life and stopped attending church altogether. My parents were not happy. From that point my life was consumed with sports, work and parties. From the world’s standpoint, things were good. But inside I felt a huge void that left me depressed and empty. Thoughts of God would pop into my mind from time to time, but I was lost and disillusioned with life, with no available answers. If I ever talked to God, I was usually angry about something going wrong in my life.

    On Saturday, January 19, 1974, God interrupted the flow of my life. He sent an early childhood friend to my house to share his testimony with me. As he spoke, I knew right then that this was the truth I’d been missing all my life. On my way to work that day I clearly understood that I was a sinner headed to hell, but that Jesus died for me and God was extending mercy and forgiveness. I cried in the car, but I didn’t care if people saw me crying. At work, I suddenly understood that my boss was a follower of Jesus, just like I knew I was about to become one myself.

    At 11:30 pm on Sunday, January 20, 1974, I prayed to receive Christ at my friend’s house. I knew my life was never going to be the same. The joy that followed that decision was overwhelming and very contagious to my brother and other friends. My parents became very concerned that I had so dramatically changed, partly because I constantly tried to preach the Gospel to them, which they did not receive and have not received to this day (40+ years later). But I believe God will break through to them before they pass into eternity.

  7. Lori Mateer

    I first took LBS in 1999 and was so blessed. Learning to hear God’s voice, allowing His Spirit to lead me and ministering encouragement, edification and comfort to others has been awesome. Writing about my first love has stayed with me, deepens each time I revisit the first love assignment and write about my relationship with Him. I have taken the course three times now and I go deeper and farther each time. This last time I took the course, God talked to me about drawing pictures. I am not an artist but I know how to use crayons and I am amazed how God shows me pictures that He knows I can draw. A fellow minister just said to me that he was encouraged seeing my pictures because he saw they were simple and easy. The pictures offer a visual that encourages the body of Christ differently. I am humbled how God can use my lack of artistic training to bless others.


    I had a dream 10 days ago that I was walking into an American government building to take care of some business. As I was leaving the building an ISIS person was following me. I told her to leave me alone as I was an American and she could not touch me. As I walked down the steps outside of the building onto the sidewalk, I saw her take out a tazer. I heard as clear as day, fight the tazer, you have the strength to fight it. So I did and it couldn’t stop me. I saw several Americans in front of me and called out for them to help. I said, “Help me, please help me, I am an American.” They did not even acknowledge me. The lady was now right behind me and ready to overcome me and I heard the Spirit say to me, “Who are you really?” I said, “I am a Christ follower, you may not touch me!” She stopped, didn’t touch me and then I woke up.

    Lori Mateer

  8. Julie Gibbs

    I first took Jackie’s class in 2009 to hear God’s Voice. That’s all I wanted. I was tired of doing “life” on my own and I just wanted to hear the Holy Spirit. I sat in class and Jackie gave us the Foundational
    Gift test and prophecy/perceiver was number one. I was truly blown away! I questioned God, “Really God? Me?” I got a lot more than what I came for in her class for sure!

    This was my beginning of my adventure. Being a part of the ministry team has been amazing. I am so blessed to be a vessel for God and I consider it an honor. I love to bless others and they in turn bless me. I continually choose to put my agenda aside and ask Him what he wants from me on a daily basis. I seek Him and ask, “Who Lord? What words of encouragement do you have? Who can I pray for? How do You want me to pray?” I desire to be able to hear Him so clearly all the time that I will just hear and go. Sometimes there is still hesitation when approaching strangers but I am willing to trust in Him. I desire the “pure prophetic” all the time.

    Julie Gibbs

  9. Glenda Childs

    My parents were raised in the church but had backslidden during my childhood years, so my only exposure to God was when we visited my grandmother each summer. My grandmother prayed faithfully for my Mom and I credit her prayers for leading us back to God. During the summer when I was 15, I was flipping channels and came across an evangelist praying for healing over people. I was moved inside by what I saw. At the end, they shared the salvation prayer. I quietly went to my room and ask God into my heart. At that same time, my Mom was coming back to the Lord and had joined my grandmother in praying for our family. By the fall, we found a charismatic church that we began attending as a family. I got involved right away with a youth group that changed my life forever. My youth pastor had a strong anointing on his life and had a passion for Christ that he imparted to me. I was intrigued when he would say, “The Lord spoke to me”…I then began craving to hear God’s voice and learned to journal His voice in the years to come. My youth pastor also spoke many prophetic words over me, prayed over me to receive the gift of tongues at age the age of 16 and he was the one who confirmed my calling to work with children. It has been 32 years since I was wooed into the Kingdom and I have run after Jesus with great passion over the years as I have grown in the ministry of the prophetic, intercession and following my call to work with children!! In 2001, we began attending JFC where God began to use the prophetic gift publicly within the Ladies ministry. In 2008, I went through the LBS class and joined the ministry team where God took me to a whole new level in the prophetic. I love God with all of my heart and look forward to continually growing deeper and deeper while serving Him on earth.

  10. Eric Dykstra

    I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home going to a great church. I went on a youth retreat when I was in 7th grade with ten of my close friends. The last night of the camp, my counselor took me outside and we sat on a bench where I heard the good news of what Christ did on the cross for me. I felt the Holy Spirit move in me, I gave my life to Christ that night, and my life has never been the same! I have peace, joy, and rest in the Holy Spirit and He continues to draw me closer to the Father’s heart. I was deeply involved in my youth group in high school and went to college get my degree in ministry. I knew God was calling me into full time ministry since I was a sophomore in High School. God led me into multiple ministry experiences including prison ministry, camp councilor, campus discipleship leader, youth pastor, and currently serving with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

    God led me to my wonderful and beautiful wife after I graduated from college in a bizarre manner. Michelle had been married for 5 years to a man serving in the Navy, when he was diagnosed with cancer 2 months after being stationed in Norfolk, VA and he passed away 2 weeks before I graduated college. The Holy Spirit led me back to my home town to take a landscaping job, where Michelle was currently living. We actually grew up in the same town and I bailed hay for her Dad when I was in high school. The Lord developed a deep friendship between us and here we are seven years later married with two wonderful kids and serving this next young generation to know the voice of God! Lori Mateer introduced me to Jackie and I attended the LBS Workshop at the Lakewood campus in the fall and finished the Advanced course in April. LBS has greatly increased my ability to hear and see in the Spirit, develop the spiritual gifts, and my capacity to reach athletes and coaches at a greater level! I now have a much deeper and intimate relationship with God and continue to go deeper, I’m so glad to have the power and presence of the Holy Spirit residing in me!

  11. Veronika Clark

    At various times throughout my life, as early as my teen years, The Lord would “download” words to me that I was to share with someone specific. Each time I shared, the person receiving would express amazement at how I could know that about their life or give those words of direction in such a timely manner. And each time I would have to confess that it was not me, but The Lord. Over time I began to recognize when The Lord was taking over and it was very exciting to experience. However, until I attended the LBS class, I didn’t know that I could ask the Lord and He would respond to my request. I thought it only happened as the opportunity came and God chose to use me as His vessel. Through LBS, I have learned to ask, listen and receive. It has been so exciting and such a blessing to receive from God in this fresh, new way!

  12. Gabriel Arosemena

    For the past several months now, I’ve been disciplining myself in two areas, daily practice drills on bass guitar and weekly work on my tennis game. As I’ve been spending daily time listening to the Lord and journaling, I’ve heard the Lord repeatedly say there’s no greater discipline a person can have than to practice hearing His voice on a daily, moment-by-moment basis. In so doing, His voice is becoming more and more clear, as natural as my thoughts, which is the by-product of having the mind of Christ (a mind includes thoughts).

    I see being on the ministry team as both a tremendous privilege, but also a huge responsibility. When people come for ministry, they are trusting us (the team) in that we’re not just making up nice, spiritual platitudes, but actually hearing and conveying God’s words for them.

    A lifestyle of being led by the Spirit is the very essence of what it means to be a Christian. Every other religious expression within Christianity can be replicated in all forms of religion without an actual relationship with Jesus. So if you’re not walking in the Spirit, you’re just being religious.

    Gabriel Arosemena

  13. Coreen Arosemena

    I was raised in a Christian home, and gave my life to the Lord at eight years of age. I remember on that day how the sermon gripped my young heart with the reality that I was a sinner, that I deserved to die for my sins, and that Jesus had taken my place. I was shattered by the thought of my sin nailing Him to the cross! I went forward and after soaking through the Pastor’s handkerchief, I gave my heart to Jesus. What amazes me most about the Lord is His great love for me. Fast forward several years to a night at my youth group. A visiting team from a ministry called Agape Force came to visit in Canada. The director spoke on the love of God, such great love, so individual that He would have sent His son just to die just for me if I’d been the only sinner. The Lord used that message to touch a part in my heart that said, “You are lovable; you are loved, by Me, Jesus!” Being the middle child, watching my Grandmother and Aunt dote on my older sister, it was always amazing to me when someone loved me! Even though I knew my parents loved me, the lie of the enemy in my life for years was that something about me was not lovable. I also was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was given a prayer language. This helped me greatly to live a life that honored the Lord, and also gave me more boldness to share my faith. After graduation, I answered the Lord’s call to go into full-time ministry with Agape Force. I will always be amazed at His tender love for me, but where I used to doubt His love, or feel like I had to earn it, I now have an overwhelming assurance of it.

    I Thank the Lord for what I’ve learned more recently about being led by the Spirit. The revelation of the first voice was life-changing for me. In looking back, I realized that I actually have heard Him speak to me all throughout my life, but the best choices I made were when I followed the first voice, which is His, rather than the voice of reason or the enemy. I am learning more about walking in His presence moment by moment. As I begin the day listening to His voice, and continuing to listen to Him throughout the day, it has helped me be more available to bless others. Being on the Ministry Team is such a great honor. I am humbled that He would use me in this way. As I keep my eyes on Him, and not myself, He is able to shine through me, and use me to bless and encourage others, and He then receives all the glory!

    Coreen Arosemena

  14. Karen Newcomm

    I have known Jesus since I was a young girl and I always had faith in Him. I was brought up in the Catholic faith, attended parochial school and loved Jesus. I am deeply grateful for the instruction, reverence and love of the Lord I learned as a young girl. One of my deepest desires was to grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord. I knew in my heart there was “more.” I did the “works”, read books, tried self improvement tactics, volunteered myself silly and still something was missing. I filled the void with material things, busyness, people, grasping for anything…but still was lacking. Finally, as I called out to the Lord for help, He led me to some Bible study classes. I was overjoyed at the new understanding of the scriptures that I received. I searched out new classes and the Lord was faithful, my knowledge grew and I was ecstatic. I continued to learn and joined a new ministry, yet I still yearned for more. There was something missing. Was I hearing the Lord, or me, or the enemy? I looked to the world, only to discover that is not the way. Broken, hurt, defeated, wondering, I never gave up on my quest.

    A dear friend told me about the Led by the Spirit School. I gathered my courage, picked up the pieces of a broken heart and timidly walked into the first class. I knew I was in the right place. I would go on to hear the Lord clearly, to let go of the past and move forward. LBS gave me the foundation and knowledge to be a new woman, to leave the old one behind. Through LBS the false beliefs I had accepted in my past were revealed. As we studied the truth of scripture along with the power of the Holy Spirit, they were demolished. The strongholds were defeated, Jesus prevailed. Deep wounds of my heart found healing and filled with love and forgiveness. The change, healing and growth in the Lord has been a process. One, in which I have learned patience and perseverance and my favorite words, “Be still and know that I am God” and “Wait upon the Lord.” LBS teaches and equips us with the tools and experiences to live a true lifestyle hearing the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit. As I continue to dwell in the Lord, I receive confidence, knowledge and understanding of His scriptures. The wisdom and fullness of God supersedes the world and I am given God’s full potential for me. Discovery of the new life given to me daily, presents sweet freedom in Kingdom lifestyle.

    Karen Newcomm

  15. Belinda Porter

    It was in 1999, when my journey with the Holy Spirit began. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit from Jackie before I even knew who she was. About a year later, I was invited to take the LBS class knowing that I was already directed by the Holy Spirit to do so. I discovered that prophecy was one of my top four gifts, but I didn’t feel gifted in it at all. Little did I know the Lord was raising me up into hearing from Him as a lifestyle. I became part of the Ministry Team at that time, but It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to travel with the first LBS team to England that I knew I didn’t have to think about the gift of prophecy, it is just how He has made us. I left part of my heart there because the people were so precious. From then on the Holy Spirit helped me soar to a whole new level of really living the led by the Spirit life. I was able to encourage my friend Stacey, that what she was feeling was for real, I just know from my head to my toes. I guess that is why they call it “Spirit filled” or “led by the Spirit” because everything in you confirms it. It was and has been an honor being led by the Spirit and live the way I was always meant to live. Thanks to Jackie for holding me accountable the whole way, for I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Lord!

    Belinda Porter

  16. Willie Ripple

    It happened on December 13, 2006, my world that I knew was thrown upside down and inside out. My marriage, family, and I would be changed forever. Interestingly enough things were also happening in my spiritual world. My daughter for the past year was sensing very badly that I needed to go to JFC for my church instead of the Catholic Church I was going to.. On Sunday, December 17, 2006 I took my first step into the Jubilee Fellowship Church, at Lone Tree. I sat near the front and started to cry. I was thankful that God had the lights turned off due to a Christmas play being performed on stage. I continued to cry and cry and cry. What an awesome church I thought because there was a Kleenex box under my chair and I seemed to be the sole user of it that day. After the play, I realized I loved this church when Pastor John came on stage to teach a lesson and it seemed like he was only talking to me. This life changing moment would mean that JFC would now be part of my life.

    It was after many classes at JFC that the Lord led me to the Led by the Spirit class. A previous student told me that I was not ready for the class and it would be over my head. Hmmm….I thought, but I did wait until the following year and I then became the student who sat in the front row of the class. God blessed me so much during my time with Jackie and God showed me one of my giftings was being prophetic. At first I was not buying into the fact that I could hear God and I challenged the Lord and Jackie many times, but God and Jackie always won out. YES! I do hear from God as we all can, and I am now on the Ministry Team. Hearing from the Holy Spirit and being His partner allows me to be a prophetic voice for others, and it brings me joy to know that I can encourage others and use this gift that God has given to me. A personal mission statement has developed throughout these years. The following is what was born on January 12, 2012. “I have taken all my disappointments, struggles, challenges, and problems, and allowed them to spark a light inside of me. The light in me is fueled by God and His supernatural power and this light will go on to help many thousands of others who need encouragement and support.” To God, I give all the glory and I thank Him for allowing me to be in His Kingdom.

  17. Daniel Martin

    My growth in hearing, seeing and partnering with the HolySpirit has always been in step with my wisdom and character development. WhileI feel I’ve come a long way in my knowledge of the mechanics and theologiesbehind operating in the prophetic, the courage to act on it can’t be learned soeasily. Because of this, my learning curve is a very gradual one that weave sits way through the changes in my life.

    Lately, I’ve been focusing on talking with the Holy Spiritas I do daily tasks. In so doing, I’ve discovered how monotony can translateinto fulfillment and purpose. God inhabits the structures that we devote toHim, and by including Him in my tasks at work or my chores at home, I’veexperienced the spontaneity of His glory much more profoundly and much morefrequently. Hearing, seeing and partnership with the Holy Spirit increase in me when I prioritize God in my life, and God is pressing me to listen to Him more often so that He can do more in and through me.

    One of the ways God has done more through me is being on theLBS Ministry Team. It’s an opportunity for me to pour into the lives of otherswhile being in the fellowship of other like-minded ministers. It’s hard for meto know difference my ministry makes in the lives of others, but I enjoyobeying God’s direction in my life by participating in the LBS Ministry Team.I’ve grown a lot by exercising my gifting in LBS events, and I feel refreshed after a night of giving encouraging words to people.

    Without the leading of the Holy Spirit, my Christianitywould be relegated to a collection of concepts and philosophies with only a lightseasoning of experiential knowledge of God. To be led by the Spirit is tofellowship with the Spirit, and that’s my purpose. To be led by the Spirit as a lifestyle is a command from God, a delight for my soul and a necessity for living life above and beyond what we could ask for or imagine.

  18. Laura Martin

    I was raised in the Presbyterian church which was little more than a place to socialize. I grew up, married and a few years later, my life fell apart. My mother asked me to come to Calvary Temple and I became “saved” there. During those early years after I became a Christian, my deep burden and passion was that my children would be saved and filled with the Spirit. I thought I knew what that meant then. I claimed Ephesians.1:15-23, 2:1-8 for them aloud every day. It is amazing how you can be saved but slowly slip into religiosity and legalism. In my eyes, I was a pretty good Christian, when in fact, I was walking in the flesh. I was a people pleaser, performance oriented, prideful, carnal Christian. But I certainly was not aware of that. After all, I was in several Bible studies and Betty Blair’s Sunday School class.I had a lot of Bible knowledge but, as it turned out not so much about grace and the Holy Spirit. Like the Pharisees, I was following the Law. Looking back,walking in the flesh is not a pretty picture. In fact, it is really, really ugly!

    Nothing is wasted in God’s economy and since I liked to do Bible studies, I thought I would try Led by the Spirit. Suddenly I had a deep burden and urgency to get into this class! Little did I know what a MAJOR change and turning point this would be for me. I was able to take the daytime class in 2013 and am currently taking the class again. It not only clarified everything I had studied, but it pierced my hardened heart! Up to this point, I had no idea about ears to hear and eyes to see. It was the most exciting and HUMBLING change I have experienced! How grateful I am that this class unlocked the “real me” I am no longer struggling with condemnation (which is pride), being judgmental, fear, guilt and performing. When I do, I now know I can just snap my fingers and get right back in the Spirit. What a beautiful gift this class is!

    I am so grateful that even though I was not actively listening to the Holy Spirit, He directed me to this class and set me free!! Now that I am aware of hearing and seeing what the Holy Spirit is saying and showing me, I am not being tossed to and fro as I used to be. Sometimes it is VERY easy to slide back into the flesh and it is a real battle! But now since I am armed with the Holy Spirit as my Guide and leader, I can stop, listen or ask and get out of my flesh. I find being accountable to others who are led by the Spirit is very helpful. The freeing point for me is that I can be forgiven and be right back in the Spirit immediately instead of feeling condemnation for days or weeks. I feel very honored to be on the Ministry Team. I also know it is a very sacred responsibility that I never want to take lightly! I feel a very special love when ministering to those the Lord brings for ministry.

  19. Robert Litke

    I feel so blessed to experience a deeper and fuller leadership of the Holy Spirit as an every day lifestyle the past year or so. It sometimes shakes me at how loud His voice is becoming. Other times when I least expect, there is that gentle guiding, direct answer or distinct directions for myself or our family to follow. If I used a graph to note the strength of leadership of the Holy Spirit in my life for 2013, it would be 5-7 on a 10 point scale. My hearing and partnership with the Holy Spirit went up to roughly to an 8 on a 10 point scale for the year 2014! I am surprised at how often I talk to the Lord just as I would another person, asking His advice on daily activities or commitments that I have already made.

    As life moves on in these end times, here is an example of how He is using me. One day, I sensed the Lord bid me out east on Highway 36 to the town of St. Francis Kansas. As I was leaving tracts at a rest stop south of the Highway, I saw storm clouds building up. I saw a storm over the city about 40-60 ft. off the ground moving from east to west. I saw another darker storm activity underneath the existing storm swirling in two different directions. This darker storm had motion with a teeth-like appearance and was moving debris, sheet metal, dirt and dust. The part on the ground acted like a funnel cloud and appeared to be heading right towards me. I fearfully, yelled loudly at the movement to stop. Then the bottom part of the storm started to retreat and dissipate! The strong rain continued. I then went into the filling station and picked up my lunch and the people inside were hearing emergency weather warnings of flash flooding and take cover immediately.

    Every month I see more of what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle, soon it will become necessary for every Christian’s personal survival and for them to have a strong witness.

    Robert Litke

  20. Scott Rognmoe

    Being raised in denominational churches and in a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” family gave me an outlook on life that demanded a lot of performance. However, that performance didn’t get me very far in my relationship with God. I was born again during high school into a charismatic church, but there was still a great deal of performance-based religion. So I spent most of my young and middle adult life trying to manage sin, be a good Christian and husband, and raise three kids. Unfortunately, my sin management didn’t work very well, there was no abundance in the “abundant life” I was supposed to be having and I went through two failed marriages.

    I’m so glad it didn’t end there! God is so faithful, and He pursued me through the darkest times of my life until I finally recognized how much He loves me, and that most of the mess that I had made out of things was due to me trying my best to run my life myself (in a Christian way of course!) without the Holy Spirit. This whole concept leaped off the pages in the “Soul Control” lesson of the LBS Foundations Course. I was realizing at last that God didn’t expect me to do it myself and had actually made a way for me to have a relationship with the very person I hadn’t been listening to! Even though I had been saved and baptized in the Spirit since I was a teenager, I saw what I had been missing- an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father, Jesus AND the Holy Spirit. A relationship with the Holy Spirit? What a concept! How could I have missed that all those years? I guess it’s easy when I was trying to do it all myself, but God’s love never fails and He never gave up on me. And now He is going about restoring years that the locusts had eaten. God is so good!

    Scott Rognmoe

  21. Martha Litke

    I love visiting with Heavenly Father and Jesus. I was overwhelmed when He gave me answers and insights about His world before the serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. Some of what I received was how the Father was busy doing much in developing Heavenly order and overseeing progress on earth. The angels followed the instructions of Heavenly Father. He recognized that even with the awesomeness of His great creation, what He wanted was fellowship, not just obedience. That is why God created Adam, to be a friend to walk and talk together with Him, Genesis 2:8,15 ff. I was awed by His desire to have close fellowship with His people. He is interested in us, genuinely. Sure He sees all and knows all but His caring and love toward us individually goes beyond our ability to comprehend such deep, deep love. God is so amazing! I need to reverence Him more deeply, more sincerely and never take Him for granted. I want to be mindful of His presence and not presumptuous of Him. He deserves my best thoughts and attentions at all times. God cares more about each of us than we can understand. He is greater and His love is greater! Mankind cannot come close to knowing the reality of His great, great Love. Praise the LORD!

    I love being and growing in LBS. I am amazed when I meet someone who tells me that I was an influencing factor in them joining LBS or that the word I gave to them were just what they needed. I had no idea. Bless the LORD He truly is gracious toward His children. Praise the Lord! God is so good!

  22. Noel Shultze

    My religious background is that I was raised Catholic. I liked church and the traditions but always was interested in the intrigue of the last days revelation. While I was engaged to be married, I saw a pamphlet for a seminar about 666 and end times. My fiance and I attended and got involved with the Seventh Day Adventist church. We stayed Adventist for about 10 years until one day my friend said to me, “You should follow God’s rules and not man’s rules.” So my husband Bill and I started church searching and ended up at a non-denominational church, mainly warming the pews for about 10 years. My son started playing guitar for JFC youth group and we had to drop him off and decided to stay for the sermon and it was awesome so we kept coming back to JFC.

    About four years ago, multiple things happened (severe trials that are turning into blessings) to me and my family that got me wanting to hear God’s voice. I took a class to learn how to hear but to no avail. What a long process! I am a slow learner and God has been patient with me. I was able to attend the LBS Foundations fall class of 2013 and then continue on in the spring with the Advanced class. I need to take both again for sure! My learning curve has been slow and I find that I need constant reminders to “check in with headquarters” and sometimes I don’t like when I hear “No.” I realize that if I don’t hear, it’s not that the Holy Spirit isn’t talking but that I need to remove the interference. My goal is to be able to hear and recognize the Shepherd’s voice over and above all the world’s noise and my flesh beckoning me.

  23. Bob Pollock

    I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1955 at the age of twelve. I was a baby Christian for many years thereafter. The Lord had talked me to many times over the next 26 years , but I seldom did his bidding. Finally on July 1,1981, I came the end of myself and asked God to give me a deeper relationship with Him and asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit. My situation that day seemed desperate , but after getting up from that prayer, I knew something was different inside of me. As the day progressed the grass became greener and the sky bluer and I had joy , joy that surpasses human understanding. Not long after that, I received my prayer language and a hunger to know my Bible and serve the Lord as He directed me. For many years, I led a prison ministry in several half way houses and the Denver County Jail. Through the years I have helped in Children’s ministry and praise and worship ministry. My wife and I have been greeters at the JFC Lone Tree Campus since the days of the storefront church.

    Probably five years ago, Ken Webber said “The Lord says you need to be a part of prophetic ministry.” When the next Led By the Spirit class began, I could hardly wait. I was hungry for more of God and the move of the Holy Spirit. At first I was not sure I was hearing from the Holy Spirit when I ministered, but with continued use of the gift, I now know God uses me to minister EEC . The hardest part is to obey the Holy Spirit and speak forth. Some words given just don’t make make any sense, but they do to the Holy Spirit. There have been several times that I have given a word of knowledge which was a confirmation to the receiver, but unspeakable joy for me that God would use me and let me be a small part of His perfect plan. Being led by the Spirit is the only way to live and in keeping with God’s plan for our lives. When one walks in the Spirit, you are totally enveloped in the love and power of God. Finally there is no sweeter fellowship than to minister with fellow prophetic believers that operate in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.

    Bob Pollock

  24. Teresa Hamilton

    I was saved at 14 because a friend from Youth Group kept inviting me to a Bible Study. The first night I discovered the joyous, cleansing power of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues! His joy has been near and easy to touch ever since, simply by engaging the gift of tongues He gave me that first night. Sadly, the years taught me new ways to sin and I walked many paths that bring me shame to remember. (Thank you Jesus that the remembering is only mine as You have cast my sins as far as the east is from the west.) Since taking the LBS class for the first time in 2004, I have spent more time practicing being Led by the Spirit. I ended up taking the class three times and serving as the class assistant. The peace and confidence I have found when I KNOW that I KNOW that I am in His will is amazing! The scriptures come alive in a new way because I can live them. Jesus did what He saw the Father do. He said what He heard the Father say. He saw what the Father saw. This can be my life experience too, when I take the time to find what He is doing, hear what He is speaking and see what He is creating. I am a Led by the Spirit prophetic voice of excellence in this generation!

    Teresa Hamilton

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