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S.W. Student

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The LBS course has really opened my eyes up to God’s truth and people. Having been brought up in my family not knowing God, only reading the horoscope daily and having a Mother who believes in everything but God has been very difficult to break. The spiritual shower and in-Christ meditation CD, has shown me the true Jesus, the Light of the world and I have been delivered out of a lot of fear and lies. I am now writing my scriptures out and adding my name to them. I want to keep studying because God has given me a real hunger and I want to use the many gifts He has given to me. Thank you for helping me to fall in love with Jesus, as I have struggled through the 26 years of me being saved.

L. A. Senior Pastor

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“Jackie’s teaching on Led by the Spirit Prayer has dramatically changed my prayer life. I thank her for this and what her teaching on being led by the Spirit has brought to our developing prophetic ministry.”  L. A. Senior Pastor

K. O. West Sussex, England

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“Led by the Spirit’ was launched in the UK in our Anglican parish Church to great acclaim as a balanced, caring and thorough approach to spiritual gifts and the prophetic in ministry. A number of relatively new Christians took (more…)

I. L. Zholti Vodi, Ukraine

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I. L. Zholti Vodi, Ukraine

We are very thankful to the Lord for the truths that Jackie Jacobsen shared with us. It was very practical teaching and through her we received many answers to our questions. The Lord wants to use the led by the Spirit message (more…)

Charlynne Boddie Ministries

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LBS SCHOOL ENGLAND The Led By The Spirit School took a big leap across the Atlantic Ocean in 2003.  As a result, hundreds of English, Scots, Irish and a plethora of people from various nations have dipped their spiritual feet into the River of the Holy Spirit via the Led By The Spirit School in the last decade.  The led by the Spirit principles and truths are literally watering this dry and thirsty land. As a founding student  and ministry team member of the USA LBS School, I am privileged to teach and facilitate the UK LBS School and lead a prophetic team of 40 men and women aged 30-80.  These men and women make up a team of trained prophetic voices who routinely travel around the United Kingdom, ministering to many the words of timely encouragement for weary souls who come from all walks of life.  Christian leaders on mission in various parts of the world often come to the UK LBS Team for prophetic ministry. What a thrill it has been for the UK Team to receive letters from abroad of ‘weary souls’ whose needs have been met by timely words they have received from the Holy Spirit! Charlynne Boddie.

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