About Led By The Spirit School

Where Can You Go When…..

You have a great yearning to be led by the Spirit and walk in the fullness of the Spirit and live a victorious Christian life before you leave this earth?

…You have many questions and doubts about the validity and role of the prophetic in the Christian life but also a compelling hunger to respond and pursue prompting of the Holy Spirit inside of you?

…You desire to hear God’s voice clearly and consistently for yourself, but need to know how to do it?

…You are certain of your prophetic gifting, but are unsure of what to do next or you just need a safe place to grow and mature?

…You have been burned and disillusioned with “charismatic” people, practices and “churchianity” and need a place to heal?

…You desire to see the local church embrace prophetic gifting and prophetic ministry but do not have a track to run on?

A good place to go is……LED BY THE SPIRIT SCHOOL

A training and discipleship school to learn how to be led by the Spirit as a lifestyle.