List Of Workshops

Led by the Spirit School single Workshops are offered in the opposite year – See Workshops Schedule

 August 2013 –  May 2014 – Only Led by the Spirit School Workshops are offered

Condensed Workshops Of The Foundations Course I Are Also Available   The following condensed texts have been proven to be successful in bringing the foundational principles of being led by the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle into active and practical application in a believer’s life. Each of them contains the “bare bones” material of the led by the Spirit principles of establishing and practically applying relationship, hearing and perceiving. Students can expect to put perceiving skills and partnership with the Holy Spirit into practice in one on one ministry workshops.

Led By The Spirit Foundations Workshop – A 167 page version of the the main Led by the Spirit Course I. This Led by the Spirit Workshop fits into an eight to twelve week setting. The workshop includes, learning the basic lessons of understanding spirit and flesh, developing a personal, working relationship with the Holy Spirit, perceiving the voice of the Holy Spirit, prophetic definitions, parameters of prophecy, tools of testing prophetic words and ministers. This text is the most complete condensed version of the Foundations Course I. Those who complete this Workshop fulfill the prerequisite requirement and are invited to take the Advanced Course when it is offered.

Learning To Perceive Workshop – A 86 page version of Course I This workshop form of Course I is especially designed in an even more condensed format of the above described LBS Foundations Workshop. It has been presented in a weekend setting that meets on a Friday evening and all day Saturday. A small group that meets weekly can go through the text as desired; six to eight weeks is the ideal setting. This workshop is especially geared to meet the needs of small groups, youth and young adults. Those who complete this Learning To Perceive Workshop fulfill the prerequisite requirement and are invited to take the Advanced Course when it is offered.

Learning To Perceive Seminar – A 38 page version of Course I This is the shortest version of the Foundations Course I, containing the “bare bones” principles of perceiving and hearing. It is constructed to fit into a restricted limited time. It has been proved to be successful in an eight hour agenda. A leader could easily extend the time to fit the demands of a group.

Other Available Workshops

Every other year, the following Workshops are offered as the Holy Spirit leads; see Workshop Schedule. Each of the texts has been constructed to be successfully used alone by an individual. Cost for text and handouts vary from $12 to $24.  The subjects include:

 Led by the Spirit Foundations Workshop – 167 page version of the LBS Foundations Course I.

Learning to Perceive Workshop – 38 or 86 page version of the LBS Foundations Workshop.

Writing To The Father –  Developing relationship and intimacy through exercises for new and seasoned journal keepers.

Let Be, Be Still And Know That I Am God – A practical guide to apply Psalm 46:10 AMP.

Humility And Meekness – Lays down a practical track if  you really want to be like Jesus.

Led by the Spirit Prayer – A Primer to understand and experience prophetic prayer.

 Hermeneutics You Can Handle – A primer to ignite deeper perception and accountability to a new level through Bible study.

One Olive Tree, One People, One God – A primer to understand and to reestablish the Hebraic roots of our faith.