One Olive Tree, One People, One God

A seven week course, “One Olive Tree, One People, One God,” is being offered on a Sunday afternoon venue at JFC Lakewood. Stemming from Romans 9-11, the aim is to bring restoration to the Hebraic roots of our faith. The text/study guide gives an elementary, balanced and informative overview of what Hebraic roots have to do with you and all people who believe in the One, True and Living God, His chosen Messiah and the eternal implications our Hebraic roots have in these unfolding end times.





Beginning – Schedule to be determined

Location – JFC Lakewood    Cost: $50   Text and handouts

Teacher – Jackie Jacobsen


Directions:  JFC Lakewood Campus   6800 W. Hampden, Lakewood, 80227


Go to Hampden and Wadsworth; go east at the Denny’s stoplight, W. Jefferson Ave.

which is one block south of the Hampden and Wadsworth intersection.

After one stop sign, follow the curving street to the

red brick Church with the white steeple.