Advanced Prophetic Experience & Practice – Course II

Registration is closed at this time

LBS Course II runs January – April each year for 15 weeks

We meet at Discover Community Church from 6:30-9pm each Thursday

Prerequisite – Foundations Course I

Upon completion of the Foundations Course of Led by the Spirit, you are eligible to attend Advanced Prophetic Experience and Practice. Your desire to grow and mature in your own giftings and calling will be challenged in practical ways. The results will bring momentum in the development of being led by the Spirit as a lifestyle and being a prophetic voice of excellence to this generation.

Each student will be challenged to answer these questions and experience the process:

* Do I really want to be like Jesus…the humble Jesus?

* Do I have a plan to study the Word of God to show myself approved?

* What is my specific area of expertise in the work of the ministry?

* What is the direction and depth of my personal prophetic gifting?

* Am I called and commissioned to one of the Ephesians 4:11 ministry gifts?

* What are prophetic voices called to do in the body of Christ today?

* What is your role to perceive, observe, evaluate and enter into in these end times?