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Little did I know when I signed up for the Led by the Sprit course that I was embarking on a journey that it would radically change my life. As the weeks unfolded I learned about that mysterious third member of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit. I had heard and knew very little about who He is, what His role is to be in my life and how He empowers me to live the kind of victorious Christian life God has intended me to live. It was news to me that I could hear His voice and have a direct line of communication with the one true and Living God through His Spirit. I quickly came to realize that my line of communication was so cluttered with junk that I couldn’t hear His voice – it was time to “clean house.” I came to understand the difference between flesh and spirit and learned about my soul control issues that kept me from hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice. I understood for the first time in my life who I really am: I am not my flesh, mind and emotions, but a living spirit. I went to the Bible and saw for myself that the Holy Spirit was sent here to lead me by my spirit.

Today I am fully awake and alive. I am convinced of in who I am in Christ and that I can be led by His Spirit as a lifestyle. I still “blow it” now and again but the difference is I am quickly convicted and I know how to get back on track. The end result of being led by the Spirit as a lifestyle is the having an abundant life and the promised freedom. Everything has changed; my relationship with the Lord, with my children, family, friends and my marriage and the way that I make decisions and move through life. Life continues to have its ups and downs and I still face the challenges and issues, but there is no better way to walk through it all than being led by His Spirit. P. M.

~ P.M. April 19, 2018