LBS in the Local Church

Believers and leaders can find a safe and healthy prophetic environment to grow in balance, excellence, order and accountability by learning better to be led by the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle in Led by the School classes. Led By the Spirit School addresses these situations…

Misunderstanding The Word, “Prophetic”

The misunderstanding of the word, “prophetic” needs to be defined and clarified. Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, stepping forward and speaking forth is being prophetic; every believer is empowered to be amazingly prophetic. This God-given perceiving ability given to every believer to be a maturing prophetic voice must be developed. Understanding the depth and level of a person’s prophetic ability needs to be identified, developed and put into active practical service.

The Excesses And Abuses

The excesses and abuses involving the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fleshy, unaccountable gift-bearing people of this last century evolved because of shallow “formula” thinking and copycat ministry methods. Believers who have a personal relationship and partnership with the Holy Spirit will heal, restore and eventually replace the immature, unaccountable and counterfeit activity seen in prophetic ministry today.

Prophetic People Not Being Used Properly

Prophetic people are not being recognized, trained, trusted or released to do the work of prophetic ministry because of past excesses and abuses which have caused leadership to dominate, quench or shut down anything supernatural. As a result, pews are full of dormant gifted believers the Holy Spirit has empowered and who need to be activated and released to serve in the local church.

The Need For Sound Teaching

The need for believers and leadership to receive sound, basic, balanced teaching about genuine prophetic ministry and prophetic practices is great. Too few pure role models, practical teaching or a proven track to run on is keeping the potential of the believer’s gifting and the reservoir of the Person of the Holy Spirit from full release and fruition.

Being Led By The Spirit As A Lifestyle

The importance of developing the foundation of being led by the Spirit as a lifestyle, not just a “flash in the pan” occurrence is paramount. First and foremost, believers must learn to be led by the Spirit under the roof of their own home, then in everyday life, in the community and in all ministry roles. Prophetic people commonly have head knowledge about the Holy Spirit, the nine gifts of the Spirit and speaking in tongues, but do not have a personal relationship with Him and have not been taught to grow past the occasional practice of devotional tongues.

Establishment Of A Sound Plan For Prophetic Ministry In The Church

There is a need for local church leadership who desires to use accountable prophetic ministers and prophetic ministry of excellence in their congregation to create a sound plan to established or re-establish prophetic ministers and prophetic ministry of excellence into service. Active prophetic ministers and leaders need to periodically commit to a time of formal discipleship to continue to grow and mature in perception, character and humility. Giftedness will not be the main focal point and fleshy living curtailed when active prophetic ministers remain teachable. Believers who know they have a call to serve the body of Christ in part or full-time ministry of any kind are in need of continuous personal development and in practicing the skills of being led by the Spirit. Training and establishing prophetic ministry teams of excellence in the local church or group setting will assist leadership meet the spiritual needs of needy people in and out of that local church or group. Counselors, intercessors and prayer team members who are trained to use led by the Spirit skills will bring another level of excellence their ministry.