I have been a Christian for a long time, but naive as to who God was in me. By the time I got to the end of the course, I understood that my spirit is powerful and has the ability to stand up to “my old man.” I am loaded and my spirit is the “real me.” I have all I need to be what God has created me to be! My eyes have been opened and i am very excited about life with my partner, the Holy Spirit. The single most important thing I have a grasp on now is that He wants to be involved in every area of my life. I know I must seek and consult with Him on everything. I desire to retrain my mind and want to consult Him in all things.

~ L.A.

I am much more confident and I can see more of the whole picture now. I realize that my character issues are holding me from moving forward. My confidence and ability to hear His voice is leading me to know that I, along with all believers, can be a prophetic voice.

~ D.L.

I feel like a new relationship has been birthed, no, I had a relationship with Him but it was on my terms at my convenience. Now I desire to talk with Him, to hear from Him. I find His presence comforting and something I miss when I’m not “there.” It is changing the way I parent, the way I treat others, the way I go about my day, the way I view interruptions and activities. Truly I would say, I have an understanding of what a lifestyle of being led by the Spirit looks like. It is an understanding by intimate experience, not just head knowledge.

~ S.M.

I recommend Led by the Spirit class to everyone. It will change your life, it did mine and now I am blessed to use Jackie’s many materials in classes I teach at the prison here in Colorado. C. B. Chaplin, Pueblo, Colorado

~ C.B.

I am more in awe and in love with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Seeing my stubbornness and rebellion for what it is, sin, I know more clearly my need for Them. When I walk in my own ways, I am not full of joy or life. When I walk with them and talk to them, I have joy, peace and love. No matter what my situation around me is, I desire to please them more. I fall way short and struggle, but I get up and get back in my spirit and strat over again. I see the importance of having my mind set on Jesus, His holy words and His deep love for me

~ A.M.

Jackie’s teaching on Led by the Spirit Prayer has dramatically changed my prayer life. I thank her for this and what her teaching on being led by the Spirit has brought to our developing prophetic ministry. L. A. Senior Pastor

~ L.A.