The Foundations Course was life changing for me. I had never been introduced to the Person of the Holy Spirit and His characteristics and thank goodness there’s no going back now!  Learning to hear Him above my flesh is so vital to daily living and the workshops gave us safe opportunities to practice.  I am also so thankful for the lesson that helped solidify the Romans 12 foundational gifts, what they mean, what they don’t mean and how to move forward in them. Lastly, the foundations class opened my heart towards journaling which has become an intimate time with the Holy Spirit that I cherish

~ B.M.

Ever since the Foundations Course when our teacher stood behind a student seated in class, leaned forward and said, “The Holy Spirit is like that. He leans forward over you because He can’t wait to dialogue with you!” That image made a huge impact on me.

~ D.H.

~ God doesn’t yell, He whispers.

~ My spirit is powerful and has the ability to stand on my old man!  I am loaded and my Spirit is the real me.  I have all I need to be who God created me to be!  My eyes have been opened and I am very excited about life with my partner, the Holy Spirit.

~ That the Holy Spirit can’t wait to give us a message from God!!  The Holy Spirit is on His tippy toes, leaning in to give us a prophetic word.

~ He is at work!  He is always talking, always available and always has something for you.  If you need Him, He’s there, ready and willing.

~ I have all of the gifts of the Spirit as He leads, I just need to get out of the way!

~ That everyone has the ability to operate prophetically.

~ I know I hear and can truly see from the Holy Spirit with specific interpretation, not generalities.

~ The prophetic ministry and being led by the Spirit is like a compass for my life. Always showing me the right direction.

~ Y.A.

After going through a divorce and losing a job, I found Jesus and the blessing of salvation. Through another miracle, I was prophetically touched by Ezekiel 36:26 that said, a new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you. For the first time in my life, I was asking who is the Holy Spirit? The Lord heard me and took me on a deeper adventure to connect with Him on a personal level through Holy Spirit so that I could live this life abundantly. This adventure was nurtured by the “Led by the Spirit” class which gave me amazing revelation into the heart and Spirit. Now Holy Spirit is leading me to live my life the way the Lord intended through His plan not mine.

~ J.V.

I attended all 30 weeks of Jackie’s Lead by the Spirit class in 2007. I had endured a divorce after 17 years of marriage and two amazing children. I had remarried and life was rebounding, but what I learned from her class was a total Life Changer. I discovered my gifts; I grew in the prophetic and went on to serve two years as a team member of the Led by the Spirit Prophetic Voices Ministry Team. Learning how to clearly hear God, equipped me to oversee a deliverance ministry and witness the power of God’s healing nature. I can honestly say that I have taken few other steps in my life that have so drastically changed my path. If you are considering attending the Led by the Spirit school, DO IT!!  You will look back and see a new you; blessed and transformed!

~ L.A.

I am blessed to have been born to Christian parents.  I’ve been in church since I was two weeks old.  If the doors to the church were open, my family was there.  My church gave me a good foundation, but it did not teach me about the Holy Spirit, that God still speaks, and that I can hear Him. I took the Led by The Spirit class when I was 37 years of age. I didn’t know what I was walking into. It was one of the many times the Spirit was leading me, I didn’t even know it. The teaching rocked my world and changed my life forever. Everything that was taught was a revelation to me.  I had no identifiable experience with being led by the Spirit beyond “feeling” like I should call someone.

The Lord also knew that the following year would be an incredibly painful time in my life. Jackie’s not joking when she teaches that the hardest place to live out being led by the Spirit is at home. I can’t imagine going through that time without knowing that God was really with me, that He was speaking to me and loving on me every day. This has been one of the greatest aspects of LBS to me. As I began to minister to people prophetically, I saw that God truly knows each of us intimately, that His love for each one is profound, and that He actually does know the number of hairs on each head! Experiencing His love for other people helped me to believe that He loves me that much. 

I took the first half of the class again 11 years later. This time, as it was taught, I would think, “Yep, I’ve experienced that. Yes, I know that’s true. Isn’t this stuff obvious to people?” It makes me smile to think how much God has taught me in those years. I started out in a panic, wondering if I could hear one word from God. Now I have confidence and experience to show that prophetic ministry has NOTHING to do with me, everything to do with the Spirit, and that He loves people way too much to be silent. He is constantly speaking, like radio waves in the air. I just have to tune in.

~ C.P.

When I attended my first session of the Led by the Spirit Foundations class, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew that God has told me to attend. I knew that I could hear God, but I thought He only spoke to my spirit when He had something really important to say. I did not know, as I do now, that I can talk to the Holy Spirit anytime, anywhere, about anything and He will talk with me. It is a constant spiritual conversation. I am not hanging out there all by myself anymore. ANOTHER LIVES IN ME! and is guiding me in all things. I am so grateful!

I also am able to see pictures and images in the Spirit more frequently and clearly than before. I consider being on the LBS ministry team a great honor and responsibility. I want to honor God and those He brings for ministry. I want it to be all Him and none of me as I minister. I am truly in awe that He has chosen to use me in this way, I do not take it for granted.

~ D.V.

What I love about PITS is the accountability among like minds. It’s hard to find a group, even within the church, that approaches prophecy and is willing to do the work to become even more excellent. The group meetings are encouraging and stretching, the homework allows you to use the hermeneutics teaching from the Advanced Class. Our prophetic community is a small glimpse of the original church – growing together, loving each other, praising God. None of this is in my comfort zone and yet I am drawn back each year to continue to participate.

~ M.B.

After completing the 30-week LBS Foundation and Advance courses, I have had the opportunity to experience personal prophetic ministry and prophetic training from other churches, groups and prophetic teams around the Denver, Front Range and Mountain Area.

It is my experience that the LBS group of students and ministers is the only “real deal” in terms of training and practice in the area. I have heard some people criticize LBS in that there is too much accountability and structure. I can definitively state from firsthand encounters over a period of time, it is accountability and proper structure that is lacking in other training and ministries offering personal prophetic ministry.

I observed firsthand that not having a sound standard to be led by the Holy Spirit Himself coupled with the lack of accountability, made it easy for the ministers I received from to fall into a spirit of pride. Their words were a mixing of their flesh and/or outside input, with words from the voice of the Holy Spirit. I sat in front of personal prophetic ministers who went off on their own, pushing something not prophetic and speaking not-edifying words. One person even gruffly refused to be recorded. I had to go over the words given to me to divide what I perceived as genuine with what was mixed in from the understanding of the minister. When I asked pointed questions to one minister, I was invited to come to their training to get me straightened out.

I also saw leadership step up and defend prophetic words of a team that was clearly out of order. The theme was supported and interpreted as being “right on.” It was plain to me that without being discipled to submit to the still, small voice and following simple guidelines for accountability, a minister will inevitably fall victim to performance pressure to satisfy man’s standard of spiritual perception.

I can attest that being in a loving, structured environment where ministers are taught and discipled, such as the LBS Course, the LBS Ministry Team and their required accountability PITS meetings, is providing a safe place for a person to receive personal prophetic ministry. The receiver leaves feeling edification, exhortation and/or comfort and knows it is from the Holy Spirit Himself. Thank you, LBS

~ C.T.

Now I have been on the LBSPV Ministry Team over 10 years. The Holy Spirit has so much He wants to say. I value the opportunity to share His words to those who sign up to receive prophetic ministry. I get a little nervous before each appointment, but then I ask the Holy Spirit to keep my flesh out of it and help me hear what He wants to say. Sometimes the crazier the prophetic word or picture, the more it hits home. It takes faith, courage and trust to say it and speak it forth.

~ D.H.

After receiving so much revelation and encouragement from the Foundations and Advanced classes, I was led to begin teaching this class in my home. I am on my seventh time of teaching it and God is always faithful to bring those who are hungry for more of Him. I have taught people from all different church communities and backgrounds. Some have gone on to take the longer classes and many have received ministry from the Led by the Spirit Ministry Team. I am blessed to be able to teach and learn even more alongside the people He brings my way.

~ T.M.

~ I thought that four years ago God had passed me by. That is I thought that I would no minister in church anymore.  Just be an attender. LBS has re-fired my passion and I honestly believe that I will be ministering in the church.  I believe God was testing my faithfulness to Him whether I would still pursue Him with all my heart. I really don’t know any other way. I am grateful for LBS. Perseverance is where the payoff is.  You are a great example.  (might be too long but maybe the beginning)

~ Great intimacy, joy and confidence.  I have received a ton of healing in this class.

~ I realize that He delights in me!

~ It’s almost less emotional and fluffy – it just seems to be more real, more simple.  Though it may be more difficult to spend time with Him, it is more tangible and applicable to life now.

~ I came here avoiding Him and hearing from Him.  I had even said a few weeks before joining this class that I never wanted another prophetic word, for fear of yet another disappointment.  Revival has come to my heart.  My longing for Him is alive again. I am chasing after Him again! Thank you!

~ I’m on fire for Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  My heart is to walk the rest of my life out fulfilling their kingdom purposes.  I want to live to help others for the sake of God’s kingdom.

~ I am so much closer now.  Each morning I expect His Spirit and His Word to speak to me.  I am excited to see what will happen each day. I am much stronger now in prayer as well, fighting for Truth to come alive for others.  I also have a great sense of direction and eager anticipation.  Jesus is very real to me now, and I receive from Him in way I never expected.  Also, the Father’s love is more real to me.

~ I feel I understand the balance of the Trinity.  They are one but each has a very important role in my walk.  Father – my abba, Jesus – God in flesh, Holy Spirit – I can walk and talk with, my counselor.

~ I have had quiet time with the Lord since I first came to know Christ, generally read, but found that I needed to add “sitting and soaking” in His presence to truly become more intimate with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

~ Everything has changed!  It was all head knowledge before.  Now I know that I know that I can hear!  I ask Him direct questions now – before I just had vague thoughts that went up yonder somewhere.

~ R.N.

I am more in awe and in love with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Seeing my stubbornness and rebellion for what it is, sin, I know more clearly my need for Them. When I walk in my own ways, I am not full of joy or life. When I walk with them and talk to them, I have joy, peace and love. No matter what my situation around me is, I desire to please them more. I fall way short and struggle, but I get up and get back in my spirit and strat over again. I see the importance of having my mind set on Jesus, His holy words and His deep love for me
~ A.M.
Jackie’s teaching on Led by the Spirit Prayer has dramatically changed my prayer life. I thank her for this and what her teaching on being led by the Spirit has brought to our developing prophetic ministry. L. A. Senior Pastor
~ L.A.

~ The Humility Lesson: There is proper protocol for prophetic ministry and emphasis for Godly character.

~ The Hermeneutics Lesson: How important to divide the Word of God for myself!

~ In the Workshops: I can perceive on command! I am learning not to be so nervous and performance-oriented (which is pride).

~ In the Workshops: An awareness of how to hear more often and more clearly from the Holy Spirit by asking more questions and leaving space for Him to answer.

~ C.L.

I feel like a new relationship has been birthed, no, I had a relationship with Him but it was on my terms at my convenience. Now I desire to talk with Him, to hear from Him. I find His presence comforting and something I miss when I’m not “there.” It is changing the way I parent, the way I treat others, the way I go about my day, the way I view interruptions and activities. Truly I would say, I have an understanding of what a lifestyle of being led by the Spirit looks like. It is an understanding by intimate experience, not just head knowledge.
~ S.M.
I recommend Led by the Spirit class to everyone. It will change your life, it did mine and now I am blessed to use Jackie’s many materials in classes I teach at the prison here in Colorado. C. B. Chaplin, Pueblo, Colorado

~ R.D.

~ I saw the gift I had expressed as a little child come to the forefront.

~ I struggle less against God and experience more peace and rest.

~ I see the prophetic ministry side becoming more preeminent in the church.  I was on the prayer side and teaching side before.  I believe that in the days to come I will get released into greater ministry capacities than I have ever had in the prophetic, prayer and teaching end of things.

~ I handle many situations differently – quietly and more humble.  I am far more dependent on listening than before, more empowered and more bold to speak.  I rely on myself much less.

~ I see that God will use me to preach, heal, deliver, teach and bring His light through me to people who are lost and don’t know Him.

~ My awareness to these gifts is much greater now which gives me to urgency to use them as He leads me.

~ I expect opportunities for Him to speak through me and to direct me to people and places where I may serve Him.

~ Before this class, I knew I was missing something, but did not know what.  I wanted more of Him, but lacked training and knowledge.  I didn’t even know that the prophetic gift existed today.  I’ve noticed at my work how God has been using what I’ve learned to help others.  God sends people into my office for prayer and advice and I’m able to use the prophetic and discernment giftings.

~ P.D.

Jackie Jacobsen’s course, Led by The Spirit, gets my highest recommendation! This course is the most life changing course I have ever taken. Upon finishing the courses my overseas ministry really took off. The courses confirmed for me that I am called to be an evangelist not only in the USA but also beyond. Led by the Spirit is a comprehensive study on the practical understanding of the Holy Spirit and His ministry through believers. The beauty of it is that it builds a solid foundation of scripture for all of the kinds of gifting and it is suitable for the instruction of believers from every denomination with a thorough workshop format providing hands on training to equip every student. This course will delight your spirit, soul and body and grow you into a wise accountable Christian who is led by the Sprit as a lifestyle.

~ C.B.
I refer to the Led by the Spirit course as the most significant spiritual learning I have ever had. I grew more in my understanding of the Holy Spirit of God and His communication with His children in the Foundations and Advanced classes than in the 3/12 years of seminary training. More importantly, the truths are practical and I use them in my daily life. I see God’s Holy Spirit at work in this world and now I am active and am able to recognize, participate and demonstrate His giftings in me as a result of my training. F. H.
~ F.H.
Little did I know when I signed up for the Led by the Sprit course that I was embarking on a journey that it would radically change my life. As the weeks unfolded I learned about that mysterious third member of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit. I had heard and knew very little about who He is, what His role is to be in my life and how He empowers me to live the kind of victorious Christian life God has intended me to live. It was news to me that I could hear His voice and have a direct line of communication with the one true and Living God through His Spirit. I quickly came to realize that my line of communication was so cluttered with junk that I couldn’t hear His voice – it was time to “clean house.” I came to understand the difference between flesh and spirit and learned about my soul control issues that kept me from hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice. I understood for the first time in my life who I really am: I am not my flesh, mind and emotions, but a living spirit. I went to the Bible and saw for myself that the Holy Spirit was sent here to lead me by my spirit.
Today I am fully awake and alive. I am convinced of in who I am in Christ and that I can be led by His Spirit as a lifestyle. I still “blow it” now and again but the difference is I am quickly convicted and I know how to get back on track. The end result of being led by the Spirit as a lifestyle is the having an abundant life and the promised freedom. Everything has changed; my relationship with the Lord, with my children, family, friends and my marriage and the way that I make decisions and move through life. Life continues to have its ups and downs and I still face the challenges and issues, but there is no better way to walk through it all than being led by His Spirit. P. M.
~ P.M.
Since the late sixties, God has poured out rich blessing on our nation in the way of revival, the charismatic renewal, inner healing, fresh anointing on the prophetic and apostolic movement and worship. This is a time in our history that God is also stirring a deep passion for Himself and the things of His Kingdom. No matter where a person visits there seems to be reports of people tired and fatigued at living minimal Christian lives while the demand of expectations increases. There is a renewed thirst for the deeper things of God including the prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit.
Looking aback several decades in the following the Lord, the tragic part of all these fresh moves of God has been the excesses and abuses. In additions there are always the innocent and immature mistakes we all make that helps us grow. Unfortunately, prophetic gift-bearing believers who thirst for God in integrity and character and seek to deepen their walk in the things of God are defined as a group by these excesses, abuses and mistakes. At times it has been very discouraging because of this disillusionment with the prophetic community and many gifted people have been turned away from seeking and growing in this area.
I highly recommend and commend Jackie Jacobsen for doing this very thing. In her course work she spends a lot of time on what I call the hidden life of the prophetic minister to bring rich quality, content and structure. Her teaching embraces the work of the Cross, transformation, identifying the flesh, how to test the words, protocol, maturing in character and integrity. Her teaching brings the prophetic minister into a journey with Christ that fosters hunger and thirst for the prophetic well of life with the appropriate guidelines focusing on the correct intent of prophetic ministry while directing the believer to freedom in-Christ. It is the most well balanced approach to the nuts and bolts of prophetic ministry I know of. I encourage anyone who can attend to do so. L. P. Youth Pastor
~ L.P.

I have not had a church community that is comfortable with manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so the LBS Prophetic Community has been a lifeline for me. There is encouragement to grow and step out in more ways that minister to the world. We stretch each other and are always sharing faith-building testimonies of what God is doing. We are like-minded in our desire to go higher and deeper in things of the Spirit. I have made really good friends who tell me the truth and stand with me in believing there is always more in Him. I am BLESSED!

~ L.M.