Little did I know when I signed up for the Led by the Sprit course that I was embarking on a journey that it would radically change my life. As the weeks unfolded I learned about that mysterious third member of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit. I had heard and knew very little about who He is, what His role is to be in my life and how He empowers me to live the kind of victorious Christian life God has intended me to live. It was news to me that I could hear His voice and have a direct line of communication with the one true and Living God through His Spirit. I quickly came to realize that my line of communication was so cluttered with junk that I couldn’t hear His voice – it was time to “clean house.” I came to understand the difference between flesh and spirit and learned about my soul control issues that kept me from hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice. I understood for the first time in my life who I really am: I am not my flesh, mind and emotions, but a living spirit. I went to the Bible and saw for myself that the Holy Spirit was sent here to lead me by my spirit.

Today I am fully awake and alive. I am convinced of in who I am in Christ and that I can be led by His Spirit as a lifestyle. I still “blow it” now and again but the difference is I am quickly convicted and I know how to get back on track. The end result of being led by the Spirit as a lifestyle is the having an abundant life and the promised freedom. Everything has changed; my relationship with the Lord, with my children, family, friends and my marriage and the way that I make decisions and move through life. Life continues to have its ups and downs and I still face the challenges and issues, but there is no better way to walk through it all than being led by His Spirit. P. M.

~ P.M.

Jackie Jacobsen’s course, Led by The Spirit, gets my highest recommendation! This course is the most life changing course I have ever taken. Upon finishing the courses my overseas ministry really took off. The courses confirmed for me that I am called to be an evangelist not only in the USA but also beyond. Led by the Spirit is a comprehensive study on the practical understanding of the Holy Spirit and His ministry through believers. The beauty of it is that it builds a solid foundation of scripture for all of the kinds of gifting and it is suitable for the instruction of believers from every denomination with a thorough workshop format providing hands on training to equip every student. This course will delight your spirit, soul and body and grow you into a wise accountable Christian who is led by the Sprit as a lifestyle. C. B.

~ C.B.

Since the late sixties, God has poured out rich blessing on our nation in the way of revival, the charismatic renewal, inner healing, fresh anointing on the prophetic and apostolic movement and worship. This is a time in our history that God is also stirring a deep passion for Himself and the things of His Kingdom. No matter where a person visits there seems to be reports of people tired and fatigued at living minimal Christian lives while the demand of expectations increases. There is a renewed thirst for the deeper things of God including the prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Looking aback several decades in the following the Lord, the tragic part of all these fresh moves of God has been the excesses and abuses. In additions there are always the innocent and immature mistakes we all make that helps us grow. Unfortunately, prophetic gift-bearing believers who thirst for God in integrity and character and seek to deepen their walk in the things of God are defined as a group by these excesses, abuses and mistakes. At times it has been very discouraging because of this disillusionment with the prophetic community and many gifted people have been turned away from seeking and growing in this area.

I highly recommend and commend Jackie Jacobsen for doing this very thing. In her course work she spends a lot of time on what I call the hidden life of the prophetic minister to bring rich quality, content and structure. Her teaching embraces the work of the Cross, transformation, identifying the flesh, how to test the words, protocol, maturing in character and integrity. Her teaching brings the prophetic minister into a journey with Christ that fosters hunger and thirst for the prophetic well of life with the appropriate guidelines focusing on the correct intent of prophetic ministry while directing the believer to freedom in-Christ. It is the most well balanced approach to the nuts and bolts of prophetic ministry I know of. I encourage anyone who can attend to do so. L. P. Youth Pastor

~ L.P.

I refer to the Led by the Spirit course as the most significant spiritual learning I have ever had. I grew more in my understanding of the Holy Spirit of God and His communication with His children in the Foundations and Advanced classes than in the 3/12 years of seminary training. More importantly, the truths are practical and I use them in my daily life. I see God’s Holy Spirit at work in this world and now I am active and am able to recognize, participate and demonstrate His giftings in me as a result of my training. F. H.

~ F.H.